Scarlet Rose 3

SCARLETT ROSE COSPLAY Scarlett Rose is a cosplayer, Leather crafter, gamer, streamer, writer, and a mother of dragons at heart. Originally hailing from the land of Florida, she has been cosplaying for over 15 years portraying all different characters from Tifa Lockhart and Wonder Woman to her own unique armored characters she has created in her writing. In her spare time she loves to ride horses, craft leather works, design new costume collaborations, and play with her dwarf bunny Chi chi. Her most challenging costume piece thus far has been her Ahri tails that she built for her guest appearance at MegaCon Orlando. The nine tails stand at 3.5 feet and required two utility belts on her waist to hold their weight.  Her next cosplayers include unique designs such as a Sailor Moon inspired ballgown fairy, and a Medieval Wonder Woman.

MIRIAI LEI COSPLAY MiriaiLei has been cosplaying since 2006. Her favorite thing about Cosplay is learning new techniques and challenging herself to get better with each project. She loves the enthusiasm and hard work each cosplayer puts into their costumes and can't wait to see everyone at Roccon

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